Since I interact different with my online activity I decided to publish frequent questions of all types that I commonly receive from the students and interested people in the Ashtanga system and programs.





Does the ashtanga yoga can be harmful?

Well, straight to the point yes. The ashtanga system teachings has to have a proper procedure otherwise it can be overwhelming for the body and nervous system. The practitioner should have a proper dedicated and slow practice for years with the same asanas even if they could look “easy to perform” or nearly impossible to do a not well guided practice can lead to problems. The 200, 500, the yearly and weekend courses, TT, and similar bring to a huge miss understanding and greater risk of injury.

What is the recommended age for practicing ashtanga?

Any age. The practice should be adapted to the situation.

What does the practice has to do with Spirituality?

The philosophies from the East see the body as a mental map and in what condition it is. So the work with specific techniques bring us to a better understanding of our self. The body is the vehicle to experience the reality therefore the importance of it. The body is important as a medium but not the experience these is deeper.

Why you don’t use Facebook?

I have an account but I never use it or check it but besides privacy concerns that could be a huge polemic and long talk I decided to do it mainly for the next reason: One of the first and more amazing things that I learned when I started it was that yoga is about silence, silence of the mind mainly… I did Graphic design and advertising for 10 years and I´m not going to write any theory of advertising but silence is not at all the outcome of it.

So how you get in contact with the students?
Well I try to keep track of the propale via email and telephone messaging, anyway I agree I have to do something to manage to be more present with all the people that I have meet all over around, so probably I will get back to Facebook and use it different as teachers that I admire and they are not mainstream.

Why you don’t publish articles or practicing pictures of yourself?

About the pictures I do publish some here and some when I have to do something for an Ashtanga program. I don’t do it massively because for me that has nothing to do with the system, it is much more complex than a fancy, cute scene and these just misguide the understanding of it.
And about the articles, I have been practicing regulary for about 10+yrs. And talking about the practice is something really difficult, its about a personal experience and it is completely different for each one. Why I could have the right to stuff my experience in a massive social media just to have presence and fed up my ego trip? There are amazing cases of people whom have no more than 4 years practicing some not even in regular basis and they are all over the place writing texts publishing pictures in Instagram, Twiter, Facebook, etc., in the search for the top of the social mainstream.
What I perceive is a big miss guide for the people who sincerely wants to explore a spiritual path. And lack of respect to amazing beings that had studied restless all their lives and died learning.
I think is really good to have opinion keeping in mind that we are not immortals.